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Pastor’s Articles (Page 3)

These are the online postings of Pastor’s monthly newsletter articles.

The Reformation – God’s Work

Dear Fellow Beloved, 500 years ago, Martin Luther published his 95 Theses, challenging the medieval Roman Catholic system of indulgences and the authority of the Pope to control Christ’s treasury of merit. Over the next several years, Luther’s think and writing would reflect a deeper realization of the extensive corruption of the Christian Church in…

A Time to Pray

Dear Friends in Christ, I thought I knew how to pray. I thought I was good at bringing my needs and the needs of my neighbor to the Lord in prayer. How does the saying go? “Pride goeth before a fall”? Or, as St. Paul puts it in 1 Corinthians, “Therefore let anyone who thinks…

Christ Is the Same

Dear Saints, I was thinking the other day that in October it will be 5 years since our Lord called me here to serve you with His Word and Sacraments. What a blessing it is to be here. It was a big change when I went to the seminary, a big change when I was…

Easter Vigil – What a Joy!

After the previous four months of writing about the Easter Vigil, it just seems wrong not to write something now, just a couple weeks after we’ve been blessed to go through it together here at Good Shepherd for the first time. (I promise, next month’s article is assuredly not about the Easter Vigil! 😉). The…