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Pastor’s Articles (Page 2)

These are the online postings of Pastor’s monthly newsletter articles.

To Defend and To Have a Good Reputation

Dear Friends in Christ, I’m writing this month’s article at the same time that the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is conducting a special hearing about sexual assault allegations made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. That’s not what this article is about. However, the entire situation is a clear example to us of the importance of a…

Luther on Education

Dear Friends in Christ, As we prepare to occupy and compete the construction of our new Education Wing, I think it proper that we hear a bit from the blessed Dr. Martin Luther on Christian education. I’m going to simply lay out some short cuttings of his writings below. Please read, enjoy, and give some…

There’s No “I” In Church

Dear Members of the Body of Christ, It’s no stretch to say that our country is deeply divided along ideological lines. Just yesterday (as I write this), Anthony Kennedy announced he would be retiring from the Supreme Court, triggering intense hysteria or hope around various significant cultural issues like abortion, marriage, and religious liberty. Here…