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Sermons on Luke

11th Sunday after Trinity – 9/1/2019

Trinity 11 – 09/01/2019 Text: Luke 18:9-14 In the early 1900’s, the London Times newspaper asked several famous authors to submit essays on the question, “What is wrong with the world?” Now, if you were asked that question today, what would you answer? Islamic terrorism? Rampant drug use and abuse? More and more violent crime?…

Sermo Dei: Rorate coeli (Advent 4), A.D. 2016

So even as we pray this prayer, we know that the Lord has already answered it for us. By His power and might He has conquered death and the grave. He has helped us by dying for us. He has poured His Holy Spirit into our hearts so that we would believe that our sins are forgiven and therefore receive the promised eternal life. And He gave all that to you in the Font.