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Announcements for August 5, 2018


Here is the Blue Sheet home devotional for the week of Sunday, August 5th. Please download and use in your household to sanctify your home with the Word and prayer this week!


REGULAR AUGUST VOTERS’ MEETING ON 8/26 ~The Regular August Voters’ Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 26th. All Voting Members of the congregation should plan to attend.

SPECIAL BANNER FOR BUILDING DEDICATION ~Children, will you give us a hand? Or two? We are making a special banner to commemorate the completion of our building project, and we would like to trace your hands to use as leaves to adorn a tree on the banner. Interested? Come to our tracing station in the narthex after church today or next Sunday, August 11th. Thank you!

SPRINGFIELD RIGHT TO LIFE ~A basket is now available in the Narthex for those wanting to donate  beads for a display that Right to Life will have at the Illinois State Fair in August.

ADULT INSTRUCTION CLASS ~An Adult Instruction class in the basic Christian teachings will begin in September. Are you interested? Do you know someone you could invite? This class prepares for receiving the Lord’s Supper in the fellowship of this congregation, but also is great for basic evangelism and for a refresher!

CHURCH DIRECTORY PHOTOS ~ A photo session will be offered on August 14th. All of those who are pictured in the Directory (whether new photo this time or reusing from last time) will receive an updated photo directory. If you would like to schedule a time or for alternate sites and times to have your photo taken, please see Glenn Strasburg after service this morning. You can also go to www.gsslcms.org for info.

BUILDING ADDITION DEDICATION ~Please be in Divine Service on Sunday, 8/26. The Rite of Blessing for the building addition will take place at the end of the Divine Service. Also please plan to have a meal together in the Parish Hall following Sunday School that day! Our Lord truly blesses us with every good gift.

YOUTH READING THROUGH JOHN ~Come and join Pastor Schuermann and other High School Youth (just out of 8th grade welcome too!) of the congregation on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. We continue in John 4 this Wednesday. If you want to catch up it’s only about 15 minutes of reading John 1-3 to do so!

AMAZING RACE ~ All Jr. High and High School youth are invited to participate in a race around Springfield on 8/19 from 3:30-6:00 p.m. Friends are welcome to join! Sign-up today!

YOUTH EVENTS SURVEY~ Attention all Jr. High and High School youth! Your input is requested as the 2018-2019 youth events calendar is planned. Please fill out the survey by August 19. The survey is available via text message, email, or you may pick up a copy of the survey on the youth bulletin board. Look for the calendar of youth events by the end of the month!

TALK RADIO FOR THE THINKING CHRISTIAN ~ You can listen to Lutheran experts teach on topics like: The Augsburg Confession, Responding to Roman Catholic Proof Texts, The Emmaus Disciples, Third Century Martyr Lawrence and more. Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show and podcast produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken. You can listen live or at your convenience at www.issuesetc.org and on the LPR mobile app.