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Sermons from March 2015

Sermo Dei: Holy Tuesday, A.D. 2015

Jesus is grateful. “She has done a beautiful thing to me…She has done what she could.” He speaks highly of her service to Him. She can’t host him at a banquet like Simon can. Surely she cannot do many things. Jesus praises her good work, not because it earns her anything, but because of her faith. She loves the Lord, she has this ointment, and she believes what He has said about Himself.

Sermo Dei: Holy Monday, A.D. 2015

And for our sake Jesus’ prayer is answered. The Father replies, “I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again.” The hour has come. “Now” Jesus says. Now the heavy weight of God’s judgment of the world is placed into the scale, with Jesus as the one who will zero it out. Now the devil is grasped by the strong hand of Christ the conqueror and cast out.

Sermo Dei: Palmarum, A.D. 2015

So thus the cry: “Hosanna!” “Save us!” It’s a cry of hope to a God who is merciful. And this cry is not possible without the “Holy Spirit calling you by the Gospel, enlightening you with His gifts, sanctifiying and keeping you in the true faith.” Even for those crowds on Palm Sunday, this was a cry of belief. Let it be your cry, too. Say it while fully believing that He indeed will answer. “Save us, Lord! Save us now!”